Communications Policy

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Regular communication is essential within the school and between school and home. The following is a list of regular communication methods used by the school.


• Formal/Informal Staff meetings
• Oral notices to teachers by the Principal
• Announcements / discussion in Staff Room
• Staff Room notice board
• School-related events
• Regular classroom visits by the Principal
• Facilitating teachers in the same class grouping to meet during contact time to discuss school-related issues
• E-mail & Text


• School newsletters
• Homework journals
• Notes to parents on specific issues
• Parent-Teacher Meetings
• School reports
• Meeting parents face to face (by appointment)
• Phone calls
• Religious ceremonies
• Sports day
• Book Fair
• Text
• Facebook community

Good communication is a valuable asset to the school. Please respect our methods of communication and contact the office if you have any suggestions on how we may improve.

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