Dogs Trust le Naonáin Mhóra



Naonáin Mhóra had a lá álainn with a visit from Audrey and Lucy from Dogs Trust. Audrey told us all about her life with Lucy and how Lucy loves her toys, walks and treats. Audrey also had a game where Naonáin Mhóra got to guess what a dog really needs like dog food and not fast food, a collar with their name and contact details on it and most importantly, an owner. Audrey showed us how to use the “safe hand” before petting a dog after asking a grown up with us and the own first


We also learned about the three Golden Rules:

1. When a dog is eating, leave them alone.

2. When a dog is sleeping, leave them alone.

3. When a dog is on its own with no owner around, leave them alone.


It was really lovely having Audrey and Lucy in for a visit!

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